Work with me

Want to work with me one-on-one?

Career Coaching includes:

  • Resume writing
  • College/Grad School application development
  • Life Design Career Coaching
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
Organizational + Innovation Consulting and workshops
  • First 90 Days On-boarding Workshop – helps folks start out their job/career the right way – training includes modules on how to self-management a habit, network, learn to give good feedback, communication etiquette, how to set goals, and have a strategic measurable impact.
  • Creative Diversity Workshops – A recent Stanford study found the D&I programs don’t achieve their intended goals. This workshop leverages that + other research to 1. reframe the goal to a SOLUTION orientation – i.e. personal empowerment and 2. leverages human-centered designed principles to both CO-CREATE inclusive solutions – but also teach collaboration tools like mindfulness, EQ, suspension of judgment and growth mindset.


MATAGI is a creative coaching + design strategy firm

Our mission is to provide open source coaching tools, products, and services to level the playing field – and help smart, motivated, humble, high achievers, find success and happiness in the network economy.

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