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10.31.16 Weekly Mantra – Love Bravely

Love others, not as much as they deserve to be loved, but as much as you deserve to be loved. A commitment to kindness, love, and optimism, is not naive, it’s not foolish, and it’s not weak. It is wise, intelligent and requires tremendous strength because so many people do not get it. Find the people who do and lift up those that don’t. … Read More 10.31.16 Weekly Mantra – Love Bravely

3 Way to Invest for Exponential Social Impact #TEDx MidAtlantic

Ann Mei Chang is the USAID Chief Innovation Office. I’ve vetted my fair share of business cases (based on impact, ROI, market potential, team engagement etc.) Ann Mei’s rules for investment is an interesting shift that makes a lot of sense. Make catalytic investments. Prove the concept, expand the horizon, show people not just that it can be done, but how to replicate the … Read More 3 Way to Invest for Exponential Social Impact #TEDx MidAtlantic


Stories work because SCIENCE

“…when you’re listening to someone tell an interesting story, an enormous swath of your brain is being activated.” According to neuroscience researcher, Jack Gallant on  Freakonomics Radio 10/12/16 The key word in that quote is “interesting.” So what makes a story interesting? There are a ton of tips for telling good stories from techniques to the structure. For a much an in-depth discussion on … Read More Stories work because SCIENCE

The 4 kinds of asking

  If there is one thing consultants like —as much as three bullet points, assessments, and roadmaps—it’s windowpane charts. Amanda explains in chapter 2 of the Art of Asking – that the difference between asking and begging is mutual respect. I’ve taken that idea and translated it into an understanding of “worthiness” which I plotted on the X-axis. Then I started thinking about entitlement, … Read More The 4 kinds of asking


The Underrated Art of Asking

Amanda’s Ted Talk back in 2013 “bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” It resonated with one of those amazing “yeses” that occur when you come across a piece of profound truth. Her book expounds more fully on the art of asking, part memoir, part musical interlude, it’s a study in intimacy, vulnerability, artistry, connection and what it’s like to date Neil … Read More The Underrated Art of Asking

A Quick Word About “Minimal Viable Products”

  “git ‘er done” Working with innovators, I’ve learned the importance of rapid prototyping. To make improvements you need something to respond to – it doesn’t need to be fully formed and perfect out the gate. I often coach clients on giving up control and perfection, in favor of hustle.


Mantra week of 10.3.16

I stole this mantra from Jen Sincero. I like the juxtaposition of the need to manifest quickly with the tranquility of the meditating Buddha.

Don’t sweat your website

So you’ve decided you need a website. The good news is it can take as much or as little time as you want. You can pay someone to do it for you, but here is how I built  It took me about 30 hours spread out over two and a half weeks. That included some missteps and getting up on the learning curve … Read More Don’t sweat your website


The 5-Minute Takeaway: Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” (Audiobook)

Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” was recommended to me by the Executive Director of Branding. I had heard Adam Grant on NPR talking about his new book “Originals” and enjoyed it. So I picked up “Give And Take” to listen during a cross-country flight. “Give and Take” is a good affirmation for those who in game theory terms are considered “cooperators.” It is ahead of … Read More The 5-Minute Takeaway: Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” (Audiobook)


The “exponential” economy is the confluence of multiple on-going shifts in our economy. It includes a shift in focus from manufacturing to service through to digital & information economies. Successful companies and entrepreneurs understand Digital transformation is not simply a way to replicate old business models – it is an opportunity to completely redesign them. The internet makes it possible to share your services … Read More Strategy



Just do it – Nike Slogan All the good ideas in the world don’t mean a hill of beans if they only live in your head. “Tutorials” includes tips and templates for pulling together and executing your strategy. Every week I’ll add templates and instructions to help you with: Getting your Story down Finding and developing your Community Ideas to help you deliver value and practice Generosity. … Read More Tutorials



If you’re not growing you’re dying Check out “Inspiration” for an update on what I’m reading and thinking. I’ll provide you with case studies on the folks who are exponential (and those who want to be). I’ll also summarize and share with you interesting takeaways from the books, podcasts, and articles on my book shelf. Finally, I’ll also include my point-of-view, which is basically the … Read More Inspiration