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Team Artist

This morning, NPR ran an interview with Bono and the Edge. When I was thirteen, I used to steal my mother’s cassette tapes and listen to Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum, over and over on my Sony walkman, until the tape broke. U2’s music was a HUGE part of my adolescent soundtrack.  I grew up believing in the promise of America, in freedom, kindness, and justice … Read More Team Artist

Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock

Laszlo Bock’s Work Rules! is essentially nerd porn for folks into business, tech, efficiency, productivity and behavioral economics. So obviously, I loved it. I’ve been a fan of Google’s culture for a while now. I picked up the book after listening to a couple of podcasts (Freakonomics and Hidden Brain) that referenced Google HR analytics. I actually had to stop listening at one point. Bock references … Read More Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock


How can I help?

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country ~ John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address 1.20.61 As a yogi, coach, mentor, American, human I meditate a lot, especially these days. Recently I was sitting with the above quote from JFK. I often remind people that the opposite of helpless is helpful, it’s a … Read More How can I help?

3 abilities to hone for happiness

I’m slowly making my way through the Book of Joy (BoJ) – mostly because I find myself pausing to meditate every couple of pages. There is just do much truth in it! You have probably heard the theory of the “set point of happiness.” If you haven’t here is a link to an article on it. To sum it up,  a study found that lottery winners and … Read More 3 abilities to hone for happiness


How to Collaborate: 4 Ways to Defuse Toxic Feedback.

Recently I found myself shouting (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it, “shouting”) at one of my best friends/family members who gave me some mean–and not particularly useful–feedback about my novel. I won’t go into details, mostly because it makes me sound like an ass. Suffice to say I actually know better than to listen to her; since despite my best efforts to explain what … Read More How to Collaborate: 4 Ways to Defuse Toxic Feedback.

“Criticism is futile”

If you have read How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1936 by Dale Carnegie, you know that the very first principle is “don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.” Carnegie includes several examples of folks from politicians to criminals – who despite evident and obvious wrongdoing – could rationalize their every action. If truth doesn’t matter and if everything can be rationalized – … Read More “Criticism is futile”

Whatever you do – finish.

Jack, is what you might describe as a good ol’ boy. He’s been fixin’ our family’s vehicles for longer than I can remember. The other night I had him, along with my dad, over for dinner and we were talking about starting businesses. He asked me about how mine was going. I started to tell him about the projects I was most excited about … Read More Whatever you do – finish.

1-Minute Justice (TEDx)

Our justice system is not always just or fair. Anyone who has been paying attention in the last few years cannot deny this, just as they can not deny the system reflects the biases of the people that make up our nation. Ronald Sullivan told story after story of legal cases where his team performed due diligence, reviewing files, finding receipts, record, and accounts … Read More 1-Minute Justice (TEDx)

2 ways to think about the value you bring

Recently while volunteering as a mock interviewer I was working with a young woman applying for legal librarian roles. She was qualified but some of her responses indicated a lack of confidence and fear about the perceived value of her role. Speaking about industry trends, she brought up how librarian services were often “the first to go” when cutbacks were being made. That may, … Read More 2 ways to think about the value you bring

Who are your five?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn This quote reminds me of the importance of cultivating a tribe. It reminds me of a literary tour of New Orleans where the guide pointed out the place, Hemmingway, Faulkner, and Tennessee Williams used to sip absinthe, chase women and argue about the perfect prose. Not all of us … Read More Who are your five?


Lean in … to your social anxiety

I’ll just say it, I don’t always enjoy trying new things. Take today for example. Yesterday I was told about a women’s entrepreneurial event – for THIS morning – ugh so last minute. FORTUNATELY, I had a lunch conflict, UNFORTUNATELY that conflict canceled last night and I was suddenly free with unclaimed time and no excuse. Part of my “anxiety” related to going to … Read More Lean in … to your social anxiety

10.31.16 Weekly Mantra – Love Bravely

Love others, not as much as they deserve to be loved, but as much as you deserve to be loved. A commitment to kindness, love, and optimism, is not naive, it’s not foolish, and it’s not weak. It is wise, intelligent and requires tremendous strength because so many people do not get it. Find the people who do and lift up those that don’t. … Read More 10.31.16 Weekly Mantra – Love Bravely