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5 Seriously Entrepreneurial Traits Arya Stark Demonstrates

This is for all the storytelling/science fiction/organization behavior nerds. Warning – if you aren’t caught up on Game Of Thrones and the Battle of Winterfell, the following contains spoilers. You won’t be warned again. Studying organizational psychology, you see a lot of patterns repeat, in books, in stories and life. It makes sense, we’re all human and our programming is pretty similar. The ending … Read More 5 Seriously Entrepreneurial Traits Arya Stark Demonstrates

My poverty, but not my will, consents…

There is increasing discussion and awareness around the increasing student debt load in America. Debt and its effect on our economy and national morale should be a cause for concern. I submit that student load debt mortgages our future indentures our youth, and helps maintain the current power systems. This obviously disproportionately hurts those who are the most vulnerable/”lower status” (e.g. women, working class, … Read More My poverty, but not my will, consents…

What do Spiderman, Voltaire, and God have in common?

They all understand that power and responsibility are inextricably linked. Not simply as moral encouragement – as in Uncle Ben’s admonition that, with great power, comes great responsibility. And also, With Great Responsibility, comes Great Power Major problems in organizations occur when credit (power) for work is disconnected from the folks who are responsible for doing the work. When bullies take credit, they are … Read More What do Spiderman, Voltaire, and God have in common?

Humor Experiments

I’ve been a bit slow posting here lately. I’ve been experimenting with humor, storytelling, and coaching. You can follow along for my comic sketches on my instagram and for OB nerdiness check out the new @brenegosling.  After almost two decades working in the corporate, I’m finally coming around to trusting my funny bone. It’s a weird highly litigious polarized time to be alive. … Read More Humor Experiments


Book Kismet

Look what I found at the library book sale for $1 – a Brené Brown book I haven’t read! Honestly, this feels almost magical at this moment of my life. Page One You know a book is going to shake things up when you read, on the first page… “[re: false dichotomies], the first question we should ask is who benefits by forcing people … Read More Book Kismet

The way out is through

This poignant letter by Nick Cave reminded me, as so many things do, of the chakras. I’ve shared with some of you how I use chakras as a meditation framework. One of the things I learned about the chakras is what blocks them. In the letter, the artist talks about how grief is intertwined with love, which resonates with my understanding of these energy centers. Instead of thinking of … Read More The way out is through

TEDxWomen – Indy Recap

Some observations and thoughts… Molly Q. Ford – Bring a folding Chair Of all the speakers, Molly’s mission most aligns with my own. Working in creative innovation, diversity of thought, inclusion is a big part of my purpose. I have also felt the isolation of L-only-ness, and I know most of us are all looking for allies and advocates. For a while seeing the ways … Read More TEDxWomen – Indy Recap

Too much of a good thing. 

My freshman year, I seriously twisted my ankle during a tournament. That evening, I limped to my dorm and took a long hot shower to relax and “heal”. When I couldn’t walk the next day, folks who know about acute injuries, won’t be surprised that the doctor told me a hot shower was the OPPOSITE of what I should have done. Handing me a pair … Read More Too much of a good thing. 

Create friendly agents – how to “program” your friends to bring you leads

Whenever I come across anything related to Harry Potter (i.e. events, theme park tickets, wands, games etc.),  I forward it to my friend Mary. It’s also a fun reason to send her a note. (I even made this blog post for her). How does this relate to your job hunt? Your network has access to more opportunities than you do. Imagine if instead of delivering all things “Harry … Read More Create friendly agents – how to “program” your friends to bring you leads

Resist Clickbait News

Americans need to learn to separate entertainment from news and politics as a bloodsport. “How” the news is presented is as important as what is and what is not presented. Start to notice the words, the tone, and the emotion that is evoked. Storytellers and novelists want to evoke a reaction and conflict creates drama. Media often uses these same techniques to draw attention. … Read More Resist Clickbait News

The Power of Agents

“I don’t worry about contract negotiations – I let my agent handle that. I just focus on playing.” The other day, a client mentioned that comment from a famous football player.* “Wouldn’t that be nice?” she commented, referring to how much more efficient it would be to not worry about jockeying for the next job — but instead to focus on the work? “Absolutely,” … Read More The Power of Agents

Why you can’t keep good employees…

Richard Branson once said that if you put your employees first, they will take care of your customers. I’ve worked for many organizations that put customers first and I have to say, I think Branson has it right. Client-first organizations can often lead to disrespecting co-workers.  (“Oh I’m sorry a client emergency came up.) High status / low-status dichotomy, with those with access to … Read More Why you can’t keep good employees…