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Job Hunting Flow

There are a lot of reasons why the job hunt drains us of energy and in worse case situations lead to burnout. The FLOW LIST from – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyis research – creates flow. It can also identify what blocks flow. For example: Lack of Clarity. A lot of job seekers are not clear on what exactly the role they want is. The clearer you … Read More Job Hunting Flow


Your Flow Personality

In Chapter 6, the Shape of Emotions, I wrote about 5 Flow Personality types I found that people gravitate towards. Why Your Flow Shape Matters Understanding our Flow Personality can give us a quick intuitive snapshot into the hidden assumptions that may be blocking our flow, collectively and as individuals. It is especially useful for identifying friction points and misunderstandings – and help us … Read More Your Flow Personality


Let’s unpack the word, “exclusive”  We tend to think exclusive = special. Like diamonds.  Except as you probably know diamonds are valuable because of manufactured scarcity, (see also De beers cartel). Exclusivity is a marketing tools — used to create a feeling of excitement and/or a false sense of importance to train us to spend money. We all want to matter, to feel important — the funny … Read More Exclusive


Applied Flow Community

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. African Proverb Job Transitions Don’t Have to Suck (as much) Looking for a new job is not awesome. The traditional job search is all about sales, marketing and self-promotion – which is great if you are a narcissistic extrovert sales person – but less than awesome for the … Read More Applied Flow Community


5 Habits for an Anti-Racist New Normal

“When the dust settles, I wonder if I will actually change?”  A non-black POC friend recently mused on Facebook. After weeks of emotionally charged posts about the marches and protests – this time feels different, but then it always does. Another friend, a black designer, admitted she is less hopeful. “I’m tired. I’ve been here so many times, I can’t get my hopes up.”  … Read More 5 Habits for an Anti-Racist New Normal

Pebble in the Shoe

I’ve been walking a lot more since “quarantine”, partly because dog parks are closed, I need to exercise, and get out of the house. On one of my recent walks, I had a small pebble in my shoe. It was only slightly uncomfortable so I didn’t bother with it. Not surprisingly, I got a blister and have been dealing with the annoyance for the … Read More Pebble in the Shoe


Free Yoga

One of the ways I access and practice EQ/Mindfulness is through a regular yoga and meditation* practice. Obviously, doing yoga in a studio under the guidance of an instructor – is great. Sharing energy and community has benefits for the relational nature of our brains, that neuroscience is starting to document. I suspect you can probably feel it – without needing MRIs to document … Read More Free Yoga

Mindful Job Hunting.

After a few months of searching (for a job, new client, date/love), have you ever felt, thought or said, “there are just nothing out there” – no good job, clients, dates, etc. That’s totally normal* I struggle sometimes with “mindfulness” and the woo-woo-iness of it all. My dad’s in construction, and at heart, I’m a bit skeptical of the woo. Recently, however, I came … Read More Mindful Job Hunting.

Meet Your Heroes

I met one of my literary heroes last week, John Scalzi. Whoever said, “you should never meet your heroes” has obviously never stalked their heroes on Twitter for five years before crashing their friend’s book signing (I’m guessing.)  It was lovely. We spoke a bit about politics, his wife’s skin care regimen, Mary Shelley, the historical roots of science fiction and troll-y fanboys. He … Read More Meet Your Heroes

5 Seriously Entrepreneurial Traits Arya Stark Demonstrates

This is for all the storytelling/science fiction/organization behavior nerds. Warning – if you aren’t caught up on Game Of Thrones and the Battle of Winterfell, the following contains spoilers. You won’t be warned again. Studying organizational psychology, you see a lot of patterns repeat, in books, in stories and life. It makes sense, we’re all human and our programming is pretty similar. The ending … Read More 5 Seriously Entrepreneurial Traits Arya Stark Demonstrates

My poverty, but not my will, consents…

There is increasing discussion and awareness around the increasing student debt load in America. Debt and its effect on our economy and national morale should be a cause for concern. I submit that student load debt mortgages our future indentures our youth, and helps maintain the current power systems. This obviously disproportionately hurts those who are the most vulnerable/”lower status” (e.g. women, working class, … Read More My poverty, but not my will, consents…

What do Spiderman, Voltaire, and God have in common?

They all understand that power and responsibility are inextricably linked. Not simply as moral encouragement – as in Uncle Ben’s admonition that, with great power, comes great responsibility. And also, With Great Responsibility, comes Great Power Major problems in organizations occur when credit (power) for work is disconnected from the folks who are responsible for doing the work. When bullies take credit, they are … Read More What do Spiderman, Voltaire, and God have in common?