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Dual Monuments to Our Nation’s Creative Destiny

The George Washington Parkway is one of my favorite drives — for many reasons, not least of which is that it offers many fantastic views of our nation’s capital and scenic natural vistas.  It was during a pre-dawn commute on my way to teach a 6 AM yoga, that I found myself contemplating creativity and the chakras. Watching the scenery flow by, I noticed the … Read More Dual Monuments to Our Nation’s Creative Destiny


How the “Me Guide” can make you a better teammate

Instead of working on your resume – which most folks only do when they need a job —  consider developing and maintaining a “Me Guide” which will be helpful to you and your team! I needed this guide when I went through a series of five leadership transitions in less than three years. It occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a document that … Read More How the “Me Guide” can make you a better teammate


Are you gig blocking your best employees?

“Everyone has a side-gig these days, I have a side gig!” Michael Dumlao, Booz Allen’s Director of Brand, exclaimed after his presentation on their re-branding efforts.  I was impressed with his response. I’d been skeptical when Mr. Dumlao described Booz, the grandfather of management consulting firms, as “a 100-year old start-up.” I’ve been part of enough change initiatives with large organizations to know the … Read More Are you gig blocking your best employees?

The Future is Feedback 

Blind-sided, crushed, devastated, hurt, frustrated, confused, that’s how folks have described the feeling of an unexpected negative annual review. Communicate like an adult Long before I became a consultant I came up with the fundamental rule with roommates. “If you don’t tell me something’s wrong – you can’t be annoyed.” It’s a solid rule that has held up in multiple aspects of life and is … Read More The Future is Feedback 

Pushing back on “Lean In”

Mary Rose McCaffrey, Vice President of Security at Northrup Grumman did not hold back in her keynote address to McLean High School Women Leaders. In this age of #metoo, she reminded the young women assembled that there are still be plenty of men who will block you and tell you women can’t do the work. Her advice? “Smile and do it anyway.” Taking questions from … Read More Pushing back on “Lean In”

Imposter Syndrome just IS

Things got a little spicy at last week’s panel discussion on “Imposter Syndrome (IS).” This was not entirely unexpected – as Robert Dempsey explained in his intro, he’d purposely put together a diverse mix of forthright folks who weren’t afraid “to go there.” With that kind of permission, how could we not? All four panelists, myself included, are upwardly and have experienced feeling “outside” the … Read More Imposter Syndrome just IS


Maslow’s Perspective on Needs

The first time I learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,  was at Yale. His theory of human motivation has been useful in my career as a storyteller, marketer and change management consultant. I was, however, struck when the professor made the off-handed comment that, “Some people’s pyramids are flipped.” I wanted to stand up and pump my fist! “yes!” who cares about food, shelter, sex or money when … Read More Maslow’s Perspective on Needs

The Career Habit

Sign – up for the May BETA LAUNCH  What is “The Career Habit” An affordable coaching option that will empower people to take control of their career; to have an impact – in a way that is both kind and direct. What’s the problem Legacy career coaching services (either through school or even one-on-one career coaches) is often “one size fits all.” Career coaches … Read More The Career Habit


Creative Consulting and Coaching

Creative leaders hold space for their organizations, to explore and take risks. Innovative cultures do two things. They empower their employees to contribute and they reward thoughtful failure. Too many organizations hoard creative permission. Creativity is reserved for those that have “earned” the right by proving themselves, climbing the corporate hierarchy – a process that is notorious for reinforcing conformity. Is it any wonder that companies … Read More Creative Consulting and Coaching

What Gertrude Stein taught me yesterday afternoon

I blame Amy Cuddy, having recently finished her book Presence I’ve been keyed into body language. So when I came across feminist icon Gertrude Stein’s “portrait” in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, I was struck by her pose – specifically her lack of a power pose. According to the blurb, the artist created it very intentionally in the shape of the Buddha, which is … Read More What Gertrude Stein taught me yesterday afternoon