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Latchkey lesson: You are more capable than you know.

When I was twelve, the day before summer camp my mom asked if I had figured out the bus schedule. “Why would have to do that?” I asked my voice dripping with adolescent contempt. “Because you’ll be taking it.” She said as if it was obvious, which just goes to show snark is genetic. It wasn’t obvious to me. I’d never taken the bus before … Read More Latchkey lesson: You are more capable than you know.

Designing Change from the Start: No Project Too Small

Ever been frustrated that a new technology, tool or process failed to “take off”? If you’ve worked in a company bigger than five people, chances are you have.  Who hasn’t dealt with leadership inconsistency, poor front-line implementation, little accountability, or my personal pet peeve — 11th-hour revisions that overwrite previous work and minimize the team’s contributions. A human-centered design process is one of my … Read More Designing Change from the Start: No Project Too Small


Prototyping 4 Fun

What better way to spend Sunday night than prototyping with other creatives?! A little background. I’ve been friends with Gillian, Janelle, Sheridan, and Ebele for a while These ladies represent Blockface Design Studio, 2 Hounds media,, and the Positivity Clinic, respectively.  What’s one of the many things we have in common? We’re all obsessed with creativity, flow, how to light folks up, get … Read More Prototyping 4 Fun


Be Great. Do B.A.T.T.L.E.

Aristotle –or his translator depending on how you look at it — said greatness is determined by what you do every day. In that spirit, I’ve been enjoying using the mnemonic “B.A.T.T.L.E.”  for a few weeks now. I write the word “Battle” vertically in my calendar then challenge myself to record something no matter how small next to each letter, as follows: B = Bold/Brave. Do … Read More Be Great. Do B.A.T.T.L.E.


No Good Deed…

I’ve had this exact conversation in many forms (that’s me on the right). For the record, I’m mostly joking. Still, who among us hasn’t set out to do a favor and over-extended themselves. Maybe you got a flat tire while picking up a friend from IAD, or your friend ruined the tool/car/dress you lent them, or you threw out your shoulder lifting a futon … Read More No Good Deed…


2018 resolution: Separate “self” from confidence

“Self-confidence” and “confidence” are often used interchangeably. I’d actually argue that the former is an oxymoron.  The modified term is misleading, implying that confidence springs from within and may reflect unintentional cultural bias. I’ve learned the hard way that I am more confident, i.e. certain of achieving a particular outcome when I am aligned with my client needs. First, because helping others gives me energy … Read More 2018 resolution: Separate “self” from confidence


Three ways to engage participants during a design sprint

Your dream clients are the ones that inspire you. That’s how I felt Friday night leading a UX journey map sprint with Victor Ehienulo of Plugged Services.  Plugged Services is a start-up, recruiting platform focused on improving the job-hunting process for diversity candidates. It’s driven by analytics, matching candidates with cultures that value diversity and fit their unique skills. General Assembly generously provided space and … Read More Three ways to engage participants during a design sprint


New Product Launch – Objects for Mindfulness!!

We launched our first Kickstarter! This came out of initial mini incubation sessions with a handful of MATAGI artists. It started with a simple idea. What stories do our things tell? More importantly, can we create mindful artifacts that help folks to align and connect with their truth and ideals? Below is our response to those questions. About this Kickstarter. I think we can … Read More New Product Launch – Objects for Mindfulness!!

What Play Taught Me

For years when I spoke about ultimate Frisbee, I’d refer to it vaguely as “a sport.” Like my comic book collection, Frisbee always felt too fringe and out of the mainstream to explain. From 1997 through 2008 I played on a variety of competitive club teams making it all the way to U.S. Club Nationals, in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007, and 2008. For a … Read More What Play Taught Me

Pay attention to where you pay attention

A lot of positive psychology trumpets the importance of being selective about where you give your attention. That’s why gratitude practices, are such powerful things. Evolutionarily, are brains are programmed to identify problems and spot dangers – basically, we’re wired for negativity. That made sense when we could be eaten by lions, but is a bit out of proportion when dealing with a challenging … Read More Pay attention to where you pay attention