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Too much of a good thing. 

My freshman year, I seriously twisted my ankle during a tournament. That evening, I limped to my dorm and took a long hot shower to relax and “heal”. When I couldn’t walk the next day, folks who know about acute injuries, won’t be surprised that the doctor told me a hot shower was the OPPOSITE of what I should have done. Handing me a pair … Read More Too much of a good thing. 

Create friendly agents – how to “program” your friends to bring you leads

Whenever I come across anything related to Harry Potter (i.e. events, theme park tickets, wands, games etc.),  I forward it to my friend Mary. It’s also a fun reason to send her a note. (I even made this blog post for her). How does this relate to your job hunt? Your network has access to more opportunities than you do. Imagine if instead of delivering all things “Harry … Read More Create friendly agents – how to “program” your friends to bring you leads

Resist Clickbait News

Americans need to learn to separate entertainment from news and politics as a bloodsport. “How” the news is presented is as important as what is and what is not presented. Start to notice the words, the tone, and the emotion that is evoked. Storytellers and novelists want to evoke a reaction and conflict creates drama. Media often uses these same techniques to draw attention. … Read More Resist Clickbait News

The Power of Agents

“I don’t worry about contract negotiations – I let my agent handle that. I just focus on playing.” The other day, a client mentioned that comment from a famous football player.* “Wouldn’t that be nice?” she commented, referring to how much more efficient it would be to not worry about jockeying for the next job — but instead to focus on the work? “Absolutely,” … Read More The Power of Agents

Why you can’t keep good employees…

Richard Branson once said that if you put your employees first, they will take care of your customers. I’ve worked for many organizations that put customers first and I have to say, I think Branson has it right. Client-first organizations can often lead to disrespecting co-workers.  (“Oh I’m sorry a client emergency came up.) High status / low-status dichotomy, with those with access to … Read More Why you can’t keep good employees…

Disagree With Compassion: A Case Study

This clip of Beto O’Rourke has been making the rounds on Social Media. Politics aside (and I think you know where I stand on such things) — it is a great example of communicating and collaborating. There is a lot in this response that I really appreciate. I think it is one of the best examples of responding with empathy and communicating with stories that I … Read More Disagree With Compassion: A Case Study


2. 4. 6. 8 – Who Do We Appreciate?

I’m still not sure I believe in the universe, or god, or cosmic energy or Buddha or whatever. That said, whether or not he/she/it is real, one thing is certain – he/she/it has a sense of humor. It’s like the universe has been saying, “Heather, you don’t have to believe in me or fate or anything — that’s fine — but I’m just going to … Read More 2. 4. 6. 8 – Who Do We Appreciate?

Talking about suicide

I didn’t expect to write this, however, learning about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain hit me hard. I’m going to get personal and go all over the map with this article – you’ve been warned. I’ve been aware of the link between depression and creativity since childhood. “Crazy” runs in my family (i.e. bipolar, multiple personalities, ADD, ADHD, depression etc.) so does creativity. People … Read More Talking about suicide


Dual Monuments to Our Nation’s Creative Destiny

The George Washington Parkway is one of my favorite drives — for many reasons, not least of which is that it offers many fantastic views of our nation’s capital and scenic natural vistas.  It was during a pre-dawn commute on my way to teach a 6 AM yoga, that I found myself contemplating creativity and the chakras. Watching the scenery flow by, I noticed the … Read More Dual Monuments to Our Nation’s Creative Destiny


How the “Me Guide” can make you a better teammate

Instead of working on your resume – which most folks only do when they need a job —  consider developing and maintaining a “Me Guide” which will be helpful to you and your team! I needed this guide when I went through a series of five leadership transitions in less than three years. It occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a document that … Read More How the “Me Guide” can make you a better teammate


Are you gig blocking your best employees?

“Everyone has a side-gig these days, I have a side gig!” Michael Dumlao, Booz Allen’s Director of Brand, exclaimed after his presentation on their re-branding efforts.  I was impressed with his response. I’d been skeptical when Mr. Dumlao described Booz, the grandfather of management consulting firms, as “a 100-year old start-up.” I’ve been part of enough change initiatives with large organizations to know the … Read More Are you gig blocking your best employees?

The Future is Feedback 

Blind-sided, crushed, devastated, hurt, frustrated, confused, that’s how folks have described the feeling of an unexpected negative annual review. Communicate like an adult Long before I became a consultant I came up with the fundamental rule with roommates. “If you don’t tell me something’s wrong – you can’t be annoyed.” It’s a solid rule that has held up in multiple aspects of life and is … Read More The Future is Feedback