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Exhale to Inhale

I was reminded the other day that when you focus on exhaling, your body naturally takes care of the inhale. Try it. Right Now. Step One: Exhale as fully as you can Step Two: Observe what happens. Step Three: For comparison Now exhale shallowly.  Repeat Step Two. Notice the difference? I can’t help but see the parallel with living a purpose-full life. When you focus … Read More Exhale to Inhale


Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching

It’s hard to explain why we coach, it’s like trying to explain why we live at all.  It’s that fundamental. Coaching is how we become infinite, how we love and give love. Once you learn how to fly you can’t help but want to share that knowledge. That is why we give back. There is no other reason beyond that simple truth. If you … Read More Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching

TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition

  TEDx MidAtlantic was great. The event took place in Washington, DC – literally around the corner from where my writing group meets on Monday, which was oddly comforting. At the after party I was chatting with David Troy one of the co-organizers. He said after organizing several of these events, he believes, the value of a TED event is not just the ideas … Read More TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition


Change your Buts into Ands

Working with a coach and practicing coaching myself, I’m keyed into certain triggers that indicate limiting beliefs. I wish I could as easily ctrl+H (replace) my limiting phrases in my real life as easily as I do on my computer. In particular, whenever I hear the word “but” from my clients, who are uniformly amazing folks, I often ask them to check themselves. “But” … Read More Change your Buts into Ands