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Coffeeshop Advice: Sit at the big table.

I love the trend of community tables at coffee shops. Big dining room size tables are great for spreading out my sketchbook, laptop, coffee, phone, planner, and reading materials. They are also great places to connect, meet community folks, practice listening, get ideas, test the market and get inspiration. Today I got feedback and advice from a former dean of a law school, a … Read More Coffeeshop Advice: Sit at the big table.

Five Mindsets For Creative Success

If you consider yourself to be creative, chances are you are already pretty good at these five mindsets. Taken all together they represent “growth orientation.” For most creatives, this is what is necessary for real happiness. In my opinion it’s worth checking in periodically with each mindset, especially if you start to feel stuck. Below are some thoughts around each. Be Curious. Cultivating a … Read More Five Mindsets For Creative Success


Exhale to Inhale

I was reminded the other day that when you focus on exhaling, your body naturally takes care of the inhale. Try it. Right Now. Step One: Exhale as fully as you can Step Two: Observe what happens. Step Three: For comparison Now exhale shallowly.  Repeat Step Two. Notice the difference? I can’t help but see the parallel with living a purpose-full life. When you focus … Read More Exhale to Inhale


Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching

It’s hard to explain why we coach, it’s like trying to explain why we live at all.  It’s that fundamental. Coaching is how we become infinite, how we love and give love. Once you learn how to fly you can’t help but want to share that knowledge. That is why we give back. There is no other reason beyond that simple truth. If you … Read More Mantra for 10.24.16 – Coaching

TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition

  TEDx MidAtlantic was great. The event took place in Washington, DC – literally around the corner from where my writing group meets on Monday, which was oddly comforting. At the after party I was chatting with David Troy one of the co-organizers. He said after organizing several of these events, he believes, the value of a TED event is not just the ideas … Read More TEDx MidAtlantic: Intentional Brain Demolition


The Underrated Art of Asking

Amanda’s Ted Talk back in 2013 “bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” It resonated with one of those amazing “yeses” that occur when you come across a piece of profound truth. Her book expounds more fully on the art of asking, part memoir, part musical interlude, it’s a study in intimacy, vulnerability, artistry, connection and what it’s like to date Neil … Read More The Underrated Art of Asking


Change your Buts into Ands

Working with a coach and practicing coaching myself, I’m keyed into certain triggers that indicate limiting beliefs. I wish I could as easily ctrl+H (replace) my limiting phrases in my real life as easily as I do on my computer. In particular, whenever I hear the word “but” from my clients, who are uniformly amazing folks, I often ask them to check themselves. “But” … Read More Change your Buts into Ands

Don’t sweat your website

So you’ve decided you need a website. The good news is it can take as much or as little time as you want. You can pay someone to do it for you, but here is how I built  It took me about 30 hours spread out over two and a half weeks. That included some missteps and getting up on the learning curve … Read More Don’t sweat your website

Video Tutorial: Telling a Story to make your point

In 2015, I was working on creating a strategy to “jazz” up our corporate presentations and conferences. In the course of doing a bit of research, I discovered that everything I had learned (and enjoyed) about creative writing was applicable to creating compelling presentations. This brief video employs many of those story-telling techniques to demonstrate how to tell a story and why it’s important. For … Read More Video Tutorial: Telling a Story to make your point

Writing Good* (A Crash Course)

I pulled together this video based on some writing efficiency books I enjoyed. If you have the time go ahead and grab those books. Rachel Aaron’s 2K to 10K Monica Leonelle’s Productivity Pack The one thing I don’t say in the video (because most writers hear it repeatedly) is that writing is a skill. Like all skills (coding, care repair, cooking etc.) you get better with … Read More Writing Good* (A Crash Course)

7 Signs You’re Slipping into Mediocrity

A review of Todd Henry’s “Die Empty – unleash your best work every day” “Die Empty” has a lot of really great material for entrepreneurs.  Today’s post focuses on Chapter 3 and the 7 Signs of Mediocrity from A-G. Aimlessness. The basic point here is that it is impossible to achieve your goal if you don’t have clarity on what that goal is.  He also … Read More 7 Signs You’re Slipping into Mediocrity