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Mantra of the Week 10.17.16

This follows up on my last post about Amanda Palmer’s book, “The Art of Asking.” As discussed, asking for help is hard for me, for a number of reasons. Logically I understand that it is far more efficient and more can be achieved as a team than as an individual – but it’s difficult. This mantra reminds me to transform the way I think … Read More Mantra of the Week 10.17.16

The #Fearbucketproject

“Control is just an illusion … albeit a useful one.” – Me, mangling a much better quote by Einstein I’ve come across the idea that naming something scary makes it seem less scary. Intuitively this makes sense. I mean, it’s easier to tackle a problem if you know what it is. These days you can probably even google the solution. As “creative” people the challenge … Read More The #Fearbucketproject

Case Study: Seth Godin – entrepreneur, bootstrapper, marketing guru

Seth Godin probably understands the exponential economy better than anyone. If you don’t follow his blog you should – it’s a great mix of common sense and inspiration. I saw him speak in 2004, at Yale School of Management about the idea virus and have been following him ever since. He literally wrote the book on Community, in addition to his blog he has an entire … Read More Case Study: Seth Godin – entrepreneur, bootstrapper, marketing guru

Fear bucket: Stating the obvious

“That’s so obvious,” said with a thirteen year old snear. I’ll let you in on a fear of mine. I really hate repeating myself and making unoriginal and obvious statements. Two reasons for this include: When someone says obvious stuff to me, I find it condescending and inefficient My parents are good ol’ Virginians. I grew hearing them tell the same old stories over and … Read More Fear bucket: Stating the obvious

Mantra of the Week

I’ve listened to a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders give advice. One theme I heard repeated was the need to be mindful about taking care of themselves, (i.e. sleep more, eat healthy, exercise, meditate etc.) They talk a lot about balancing physical and mental needs – but what I think they are really talking about it energy. Fundamental to my approach to business (and life) … Read More Mantra of the Week


Case Study: Jen Sincero, Professional Badass

Jen’s book “You are a BadAss” was given to me last Christmas. After collecting dust on my bookshelf for a couple months I finally read it – and it was awesome. There are tons of success / life coach / self-help books out there, many of them say the same thing, but if you are like me, there is a difference between KNOWING what … Read More Case Study: Jen Sincero, Professional Badass

The BS of Entitlement

For a long time, I’ve struggled with the word “entitled.” If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” you understand how middle-class families instill a positive sense of entitlement into their kids. In this context “entitlement” seems like a good thing. On a gut level, however, this has never sat well with me. While I went to two elite private institutions (Yale and Haverford), my dad worked construction … Read More The BS of Entitlement

7 Signs You’re Slipping into Mediocrity

A review of Todd Henry’s “Die Empty – unleash your best work every day” “Die Empty” has a lot of really great material for entrepreneurs.  Today’s post focuses on Chapter 3 and the 7 Signs of Mediocrity from A-G. Aimlessness. The basic point here is that it is impossible to achieve your goal if you don’t have clarity on what that goal is.  He also … Read More 7 Signs You’re Slipping into Mediocrity


The 5-Minute Takeaway: Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” (Audiobook)

Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” was recommended to me by the Executive Director of Branding. I had heard Adam Grant on NPR talking about his new book “Originals” and enjoyed it. So I picked up “Give And Take” to listen during a cross-country flight. “Give and Take” is a good affirmation for those who in game theory terms are considered “cooperators.” It is ahead of … Read More The 5-Minute Takeaway: Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” (Audiobook)