About H. C. Ingram

Why should I listen to you?

Good question. First of all, you should listen to your gut. If what I’m saying doesn’t resonate with you all the fancy credentials in the world shouldn’t matter.

That said, my fancy credentials include an MBA from Yale University, 8 years working in innovation, data & analytics, and marketing at a Big Four consulting firm, 2 years working in Leadership Education at Yale. I have a BA in History from Haverford College, am a certified yoga instructor, former competitive ultimate frisbee player, and professional story-teller.

I’ve also self-financed both my fancy degrees, which means I have both the education and experience dealing with bootstrapping my way to success.

MATAGI is a creative coaching + design strategy firm

Our mission is to provide open source coaching tools, products, and services to level the playing field Рand help smart, motivated, humble, high achievers, find success and happiness in the network economy.

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