What does MATAGI stand for?

Matagi is a made up* word to reflect our commitment to MAke, TAke, and GIve. It is an intentional space and community to help people manifest their purpose and potential


At the top of Maslow’s hierarch of needs, is the need for self-actualization. Artists and creators understand this intuitively as accessing cosmic flow (or “samadhi.” Making is the realization of our purpose.

Take + Give

Many of us have left corporate consulting – frustrated by the unbalanced, unilateral, and inhuman hierarchies.

According to game theory economics, it is insanity to require certain groups to play non-cooperative games – where certain groups get to take more than others. In order to achieve our full potential (as indivuals, communities and a species), we must commit to giving and taking – whole heartedly – and that requires dignity, humanity, and kindness.

{*} According to Wikipedia, Matagi are also traditional winter hunters of the Tōhoku region of northern Japan. Which is terribly cool, but completely coincidental.

MATAGI is a creative coaching + design strategy firm

Our mission is to provide open source coaching tools, products, and services to level the playing field – and help smart, motivated, humble, high achievers, find success and happiness in the network economy.

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