Month: November 2020

+ A pile of shoes

Mindless Shoes

Under the makeshift desk I have set up in the living room is a pile of shoes. Every so often I need to collect them and return them back to the shoe rack where they belong. They clearly accumulate because I kick them off while writing. The weird thing is …

Tend and Befriend

I was 0 days old when I first heard the term “tend and befriend” as an alternative stress response to fight or flight. Seriously, though it’s a massive shift – it explains my mama bear complex and honestly makes me feel less “weird.” Check out the podcast below for more shit kicking wisdom. I think, this idea is something I’ve always known. Having language … Read More Tend and Befriend



One of the reasons I write is for the accountability. I’m not claiming that I won’t change my mind. In fact quite the opposite, but I do my best to write what I believe is true, at the time I am writing it. For the most part, I think I do a good job – and while I am open to change, and accounting … Read More Accountability