Have you ever had that dream? The one where you are taking a test that you haven’t prepared for? I often think of that when I read about success habits.  “Wait?!  What?! – I should have been eating avocado toast and chia smoothies all along!? Why didn’t anyone tell me!”

Then I remind myself 1. not to be a dope 2. not to compare myself to click back lists and 3. that I am already pretty darn successful. However, those thoughts prompted me to take a step back and ask the question.

If I knew then what I know now…

… what would I do differently? Working with a lot of soon-to-be graduates, recent graduates, and parents, I get asked that question a lot.  Looking back, I would have taken a more holistic view across the four areas below. I would have pushed myself to strengthen my weaknesses (for me those lie in the areas of Tribe and Grace).

  1. Grit. Whether we finish what we start.
  2. Talent. How we cultivate our talents and gifts.
  3. Tribe. Who supports us, beginning with the family we’re born into and the tribe we cultivate throughout our life.
  4. Grace. This is perhaps the hardest to define and is often overlooked, but it includes timing, luck, confidence, and the invisible forces of society and nature.

The good news is we can also grow and affect all of these areas – yes even our luck. There is also a strong interdependency among them, when you grow one you often grow another.

No wo/hu/man is an island.