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MiKompass Workshops + Training

We help uncover customers and constituents needs; co-create cultures; and drive cultural change. Our workshops are designed to get results and drive measurable impact.

Co-Create The Next Big Idea

An On-Boarding Journal and Self Coaching Tool to Help Anyone Take Charge of their Career Like a Boss

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Design Facilitation

Whether you call it a hackathon, design sprint, Art of the Possible, Ideation or Co-Creation, we can help you design workshops that drive change, learning, and growth.

Content Strategy

Create compelling stories and interactive content that speaks to your clients’ and employees’ needs

Transition + Flow Coaching

Empower your team to take charge of their careers, prepared to step up to the next level and create their next opportunity

MATAGI is a creative coaching + design strategy firm

Our mission is to provide open source coaching tools, products, and services to level the playing field – and help smart, motivated, humble, high achievers, find success and happiness in the network economy.